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Ezeb Enterprises is a small business conglomerate with a mission to develop a self-sustaining environment and community for true expression of self.

Ezeb Enterprises Mission:

To develop a growing network of entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals with the conscious intent of creating a self-sustaining social and professional infrastructure that empowers individuals to design and cultivate their way of life.

How We Achieve our Mission

We achieve the Ezeb Enterprises mission by building intentional relationships that are nurtured towards developing and implementing collaborative projects and ventures that empower individuals and communities.

Our Message to you:

Whether an entrepreneur, artist, professional, or simply just you, we would love to have a conversation and build a relationship. Review our website to learn more about what we can do for you or your organization. Check out our Vlog to learn more about us as people. Or, shoot us an email HERE to ask any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. Here’s to hoping that we can develop a positive connection. Thank you for visiting.
At EZTV we want each of our films to be infused with the character and essence of our clients. We actively work to steadily, progressively, and perpetually get better at our craft. This ensures that regardless of the film we’re shooting; from a toddler’s birthday party to a full length dramatic narrative film, we leverage all our experience and all our passion into every frame we shoot and edit. EZTV Films is open to discuss and possibly implement any film ideas you have in mind. Let’s get creative together.

Blue Flame Institute provides courses and services that develop emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, teamwork and specializes in relationship development. Blue Flame Institute is also partnered with K.I.N.G.S., a non-profit organization delivering relationship development programming that includes building Youth Development Ministries at faith-based organizations across the nation.

“Think freely and seek truth, always.”